Ductless Heat Pump Installation in Kingston, New Paltz and Woodstock. NY

Why Choose HWS?

As a FUJITSU ELITE CONTRACTOR you'll get one of the best warranties in the business backed up by our factory trained installers. Get peace of mind with our 12 year parts warranty on all units plus a 3 year labor warranty through HWS. Fujitsu has a wide product selection and extended temperature units that are perfect for our climate. We give prompt estimates and installation and nearly all units are eligible for rebates from Central Hudson.

No ductwork? No Problem!

No ductwork? No Problem!

A Ductless Heat Pump (also known as a Ductless Mini Split) is a modern way to heat and cool your home. It's different than traditional heating and cooling equipment in that it does require duct work. It can be easily added to just about any home and is the perfect solution to solve hot and cold spots , when converting basement or garages into living space, when you want to add Air Conditioning, to replace traditional heating and cooling equipment and in new construction.

Why Ductless?

The #1 reason people go ductless is to save money. Many homeowners reports savings of up to 50% or more! A Mini Split system is easy to install and is perfect for home additions, remodeling projects or any area of the home that has hot or cold spots. Mini splits are also exceptionally quiet so you won't hear it 'kick on' or 'kick off' like a traditional forced air system.

Adding Air Conditioning is easy with a Mini Split because you don't need ductwork.

One Area or the Whole House

Mini Split systems are flexible in nature so you can choose to heat and cool one area of your house or the whole house. Single zone ductless systems involve one outdoor unit that connects to one indoor head, this is perfect for one room or an area of the house. Multi zone ductless systems are available when you wish to do a larger area or your whole house.

Hire a Contractor with Credentials

The most important step it to make sure to hire the right Ductless HVAC contractor. That's because two of the most important factors are product selection and professional installation. We know that homes come in all shapes and sizes so we'll make sure to deliver a custom solution perfect for your home.

We offer several rebates and programs to our customers

The team at Hot Water Solutions, Inc. goes above and beyond to find ways to help our customers save money on their ductless heat pump or mini-split installations. We're a Central Hudson Trade Ally and a NYSERDA heat pump installer, which means we can get you every penny in rebate money some competitors can't. We offer a 3-year labor warranty and 12-year parts warranties on all new systems.

We also offer a wide arrange of rebates and programs in partnership with the state of New York, which include:

  • Central Hudson rebates
  • NYSEG rebates
  • National Grid rebates
  • NYS clean heat program

Our partnership with the capital heat region smart program helps homes move away from fossil fuels more and more each day. We also value our partnership with the NYS clean heat program. This program encourages residents, small businesses, commercial and multifamily building owners to install cold climate air source heat pumps, energy efficient ground source heat pumps and heat pump water heaters.

Call us today to learn more about our available rebates and programs in the Kingston, New Paltz, or Woodstock, NY areas.