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Are you searching for an efficient heating and cooling system that can keep you comfortable through any season? Hot Water Solutions, Inc. offers quality heat pump installation using trusted products from top-notch manufacturers. Speak with us today to receive a free estimate on Fujitsu heat pump services in Kingston, Woodstock & Saugerties, NY.

A heat pump is a ductless mini-split system capable of blowing warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. Control separate temperatures in every room in your home for maximum efficiency. Call 845-331-8948 today to schedule a heat pump installation for your home.

Experience the benefits of a Fujitsu heat pump

Experience the benefits of a Fujitsu heat pump

Fujitsu heat pumps are quietly revolutionizing energy-efficient home comfort. At Hot Water Solutions, Inc., we stand by our Fujitsu products. They benefit clients with:

  • Up to 24% lower energy usage
  • Full control over temperatures in each room
  • Warming capabilities in temperatures down to minus 15
  • Simple installation and repair
  • Extreme reliability and lifespan

Fujitsu heat pumps boast a 99.9% product performance rate. Rest easy knowing your heating and cooling system will perform when you need it most. Contact us today to ask about our affordable heat pump repair services in Kingston, Woodstock & Saugerties, NY.